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Pendragon Risk Consultants | Undercover Operatives

Commercial and Industrial undercover operatives

In order to ensure the continued operational integrity of your company, it may be
necessary to consider utilising various sources of information. One such source is the strategic placement or recruitment of undercover operatives within your company.
Undercover operatives have become a significant and crucial management tool in
today’s business world. It provides unbiased grass root level information, which is not normally obtainable for management on an ongoing basis.

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The following two methods can be used:

  • Infiltration - The purposeful, planned acquisition of access in a company by recruiting a person within the company who has the necessary access to information regarding both legal and illegal activities within the company.
  • Penetration - The strategic placement of a selected, recruited and trained undercover operative, which will be placed within the workforce of the company on a casual or semi-permanent basis, for the purpose of obtaining information on both legal and illegal activities within the company.  

Pendragon undercover operatives could assist a company in obtaining information regarding possible acts of sabotage, subversion, security endangering actions and/or espionage from inside the company, which would assist the company in pro-active prevention of loss or damage.