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Pendragon Risk Consultants | Risk and Fraud management

Fraud Management
The aim of risk and fraud management is to make use of security specialists to evaluate and implement measures, which eliminates factors that could or are currently affecting business profits.

Proactive measures to identify or pre-empt commercial crime send a powerful anti-crime message across a company and clearly indicates a ‘zero-tolerance’ philosophy.

This risk and fraud management is conducted in an objective manner, which eliminates the fact that management could disregard certain factors due to their personal interest or relationship to individuals or procedures.  It further provides management the freedom to concentrate on their core functions.

People and property are the most important assets of a company, and its preservation and security are essential for a company’s continued growth and survival.

Security is based on the principle of concentric circles, which are interrelated measures implemented to secure personnel, prevent the loss of assets, and secure the company against criminal threat and/or attack.

Analysis of the threat will determine the type of defence implemented, and will have a direct influence on the operational process and resultant procedures that flow from it.

It is important for a business to ensure that all security measures are in place to counter possible losses, both in the micro and macro environment.  These measures are divided into five areas; Personnel-, Material-, Information-, Computer- and Physical-Security.

Precautionary measures built into the five disciplines will ensure that your business acts proactive, which ensures better control over your company.