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Pendragon Risk Consultants | Investigations

We conduct and manage commercial and industrial investigations related to:

  • White Collar Crime (fraud and corruption).
  • Commercial and Industrial Criminal Investigations.
  • Theft Investigations.
  • Financial Investigations.
  • Industrial Counter Espionage.
  • Counterfeiting.
  • Insurance Investigations.
  • Background checks and screening.
  • Asset recovery.
  • Misappropriation of funds.
  • Investigations to establish bona fides.
  • Para legal investigations.
  • Restraint of trade, copyright and patent violation investigations.
  • Confidential investigations.
  • Poor work performance or negligence investigations.
  • Sexual harassment, etc.

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YOUR CHALLENGE: Obtaining Justice
Fraud, theft and corruption have become a fact of commercial life with no company immune to this pervasive risk.  Commercial crime is an inevitable cost of doing business anywhere in the world today, and South Africa is no exception, but a vast number of crimes are never reported.  

Why such reluctance to pursue justice?  

Companies are very aware of the resource problems of the legal system.  
Management prefers not to get caught up in a prolonged investigation that will inevitably involve their time to collate and collect evidence, and the time that will be required for witnesses to appear in court.  

Bad publicity and the risk of possible failure in a prosecution are other deterrents.

The immediacy of actions taken on the first suspicion of fraud, theft and corruption can be crucial to the success of an investigation, the recovery of assets and prosecution.


Once a crime is suspected or uncovered, it is critical to carry out remedial actions in a structured and transparent manner that is acceptable to all stakeholders and therefore we:

  • Substantiate the initial suspicion.  
  • Take speedy action to collate evidence and prevent further losses.
  • Ensure that unnecessary or impossible investigations are not attempted.
  • Prioritise the objectives in consultation with you to prevent further losses, recover past losses and obtain a criminal conviction.
  • Focus the investigation by scenario planning.
  • Obtain and analyse data, conduct interviews, scrutinize documents and follow up leads.
  • Write clear concise reports in a format that is understandable for non-accountants and non-attorneys.

We further:

  • Assist and participate at disciplinary hearings.
  • Assist with the drafting of charge sheets for criminal proceedings.
  • Prepare financial and legal evidence.
  • Open a docket in collaboration with you and the police.
  • Give expert testimony.


We provide:

  • Access to appropriate forensic and other resources.
  • A flexible approach, tailored to each case.
  • Knowledge of the pitfalls to be avoided in any investigation.
  • Impartiality.
  • An appropriate multi-disciplinary team with industry-specific skills where applicable.