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Pendragon Risk Consultants Services

1. Investigations

We conduct and manage commercial and industrial investigations related to:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Corruption

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2. Commercial and Industrial Undercover Operatives

In order to ensure the continued operational integrity of your company, it may be necessary to consider utilising various sources of information.  One such source is the strategic placement or recruitment of undercover operatives within your company.  

Undercover operatives have become a significant and crucial management tool in today’s business world.  It provides unbiased grass root level information, which is not normally obtainable for management on an ongoing basis.

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3. Background Verification


  • Pre- and post employment screening.
  • Background and due diligence assessments.
  • Integrity assessments (individuals and businesses).
  • Qualification audits (locally and internationally).
  • Reference verification (locally and internationally).
  • The profiling of the financial circumstances of both individual and corporate entities.

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4. Risk and Fraud Management

The aim of risk and fraud management is to make use of security specialists to evaluate and
implement measures, which eliminates factors that could or are currently affecting business

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Other Services

The following services are also provided by Pendragon:

  • Consultation and professional advice in respect of physical guarding aspects
  • Industrial counter-espionage
  • Executive protection services
  • Security, Risk and fraud awareness training

Other Specialised Services

(conducted by independent third parties)

  •  Polygraph examinations
  •  Covert camera
  •  Electronic counter surveillance (de-bugging and bugging)
  •  Industrial Relations and Human Resources
  •  Auditing, Accounting and Taxation Services
  •  Accounting Consulting
  •  Corporate Consulting Services

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