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Our Logo & Symbolysm

In early Latin chronicles, King Arthur, said to be the son of Uther Pendragon,
is presented as...More

About Pendragon Risk Consultants

Pendragon Risk Consultants CC conducts security programmes and investigations according to strict integrity principles.  The primary focus of our security programmes is the long-term encouragement of ethical behaviour.  
Pendragon will assist you in managing your risk problems, as part of a continuous and ongoing process.  We apply a holistic approach when dealing with the full spectrum of risk, which companies face daily.
Fraud, theft and corruption have become a fact of commercial life with no company
being immune to this pervasive risk. The immediacy of actions taken on the first
suspicion of fraud, theft and corruption is crucial to the success of investigations and risk management processes. Security related problems do not dissolve but needs attention and care to be solved.
Our experience allows us to offer our clients a diverse and professional service, not just in the Western Cape, but by means of association, we deliver these services nationally and internationally.
Pendragon regards it as important for any company to be proactive and ensuring that security measures are in place to prevent possible risk, both in the internal and external company environment.

The services we render include the following:

  • Investigations
  • Commercial and Industrial undercover operatives
  • Background verification, corporate research and assessments
  • Risk and Fraud management
  • Other services

Pendragon Risk Consultants exceeded our expectations (promptly, confidential and professionally) in respect of the services they delivered.


Our Logo

In early Latin chronicles, King Arthur, said to be the son of Uther/Uthyr Pendragon, is presented as a military leader, the dux bellorum.  In later romance he is presented as a king and emperor.

The legend of King Arthur emerged during a dark period in British History, between the time the Romans left Britain and the time it took for the new Welsh and English kingdoms to form.  Many believe that he was real.  Fewer believe he was a fabrication of twelfth-century romanticists.  Real or not, he has left an impression on both English and non-English speaking people.  

Arthur was renowned for his courage, spirit and patriotism, his valour in battle unequalled. Historically
speaking, very little is known about Arthur, but he probably was a 5th century warrior chieftain who
protected his people from invaders for a time.

Arthur sat, with friend and foe, around the round table, with their swords on the table pointing towards
the middle of the table, to bring forth truth, justice, peace and the conservation of his people.  Some
also said he was referred to as the lion of justice.

Pendragon Risk Consultants’ logo draws its symbolism from this legend:

  • The Lion – we strive to bring about justice
  • The Sword – we sit around the round table with friend and foe, working towards truth and justice
  • Purple – the colour of kings