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In early Latin chronicles, King Arthur, said to be the son of Uther Pendragon,
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Pendragon Risk Consultants | Risk Consultant Cape Town

Fraud, theft and corruption have become a fact of commercial life with no company being immune to this pervasive risk. The immediacy of actions taken on the first suspicion of fraud, theft and corruption is crucial to the success of investigations and risk management processes.

Security related problems do not dissolve, but needs attention and care to be solved.

Pendragon regards it as important for any company to be proactive and ensure that security measures are in place to prevent possible risk, both in the internal and external company environment.

Pendragon conducts security programmes and investigations according to strict integrity principles. The primary focus of our security programmes is long-term encouragement of ethical behaviour.

Pendragon will assist you in managing your risk problems, as part of a continuous and ongoing process. we apply a holistic approach when dealing with the full spectrum of risk, which companies face on a daily basis.